Who is Jack J. Ward?


Jack J. Ward is an award winning writer, director, actor, and producer of audio drama and other works. He is also a teacher of English Literature and Drama. Jack’s eclectic writing includes scripts of all kinds, adaptations, novels, short stories and poetry. A pioneer in the new media, Jack created and co-hosts with David Ault the largest and longest running showcase of modern Audio Drama The Sonic Society – a weekly podcast/broadcast of amazing radio plays from around the world.

Jack also is the CEO and driving force behind Electric Vicuña Productions and has been developing science fiction, fantasy, suspense, action, horror, drama, and comedy dramatic works for well over a decade.

A passionate advocate for the environment and citizenship, Jack lives happily in Lakeside, Nova Scotia, Canada with his wife Ginny, his sons, and their two cats Penny and Shatner.

  1. Audio drama lover says:

    I am a huge fan of your audio dramas they get me though life without them I would be nothing thanks for entertainmenting me and my 5 cats -Love, audio drama lover

    • jackjward says:

      Thanks so much Matt! What a lovely thing to read!
      Sorry I have been busy this month and not able to check jackjward.com for a bit.
      Hope all is well!

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