The Last Good Man in The Beaches- Teaser: Lost in the Shallows

      She drifted on the waters as if part of the surf.
      Face down.
      Hands and arms spread white as feathers.
      Her red gown was the one she wore when I last saw her.
Her purse tilted on the sand as if anchoring her to the city.
Even now, long gone, she glowed with the water, diamonds in the waves.
Red hair stained black with the shadows of Lake Ontario soaked like a lover against her.
      I pulled out my cell, and hit speed dial. Rapid fire beeps ran through the numbers like a bookie on payday. Two rings and they picked up.
      “55th Division”
      The voice on the other end sounded like a phone sex operator hungry for business. Not that I would know what that voice was like.
      “Get me Bailey Porter, homicide.”
      “One moment please.”
      The line went dead for a time. Not that it mattered. All I could see was her body fluttering against the shore, still tethered to that purse. I wouldn’t touch it, for fear that some jealous god of the sea wanted her to drift away. The muggy smog of a Toronto summer night burned my nostrils, and with my free hand I lit a smoke. At least that might steady my nerves. She was so damned beautiful. The rhythm of the waves made it all seem unreal.
      “…Porter here… Is anyone there?” The husky voice from the cell drew me from the scene.
      “Gil here, Bailey…”I said, and paused, taking a drag of courage. “Can you send a car out here?”
      “What’s going on, Gil?” Bailey said. She could hear the tremble in my voice. Maybe she was the only one who could’ve.
      “Girl in the water,” I said.
      “Anyone we know?” Bailey ventured. She was practiced at drawing the unpleasant out of me.
      “You never met her. The red head I sent home…
      The line was silent on the other end. The wind picked up slightly, and in the distance I could hear someone walking the boardwalk tentatively. No one walks at 3 in the morning without carrying a lot of pain along the way.
      “She never made it.” I said swallowing. My jaw tightened, “Can you send someone? End of the Beaches… Just before Birch Cliff.”
      “I’m on my way.” Bailey said. “Stay there.” The line went dead.
      Funny how quickly it happens. But that’s life… That’s life and death in The Beaches…

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