Open a Window

It’s time to retire some old plays, and revamp others. For various reasons, many of my original productions are gone like the wind… That may sound initially sad, but I was surprised when I announced the removal of nearly half of EVP’s old shows, the flood of messages on Facebook and through emails of support. What shocked me even more was the calls to remake some of these classic shows. I began to feel a sense of excitement I hadn’t felt in a long time. The chance to recast, and do a better job directing, and producing some of the most popular shows in Electric Vicuna was just too much to pass up. Especially when producers I have respected for years told me how much my writing mattered to them. How much it mattered to our medium. I am incredibly humbled at the good fortune life provides. So, while it may be a bit of an inconvenience, and some shows are retired to the dustbins of pod-space, not only are we seeing new Wavefronts (one coming in Halloween). Not only do we have an entire season of Biff Straker to enjoy (thanks to the production help of Josiah Ambrose), not only are we going to see a whole new series of Phillipa in April, but we’re also going to be treated by the hard work of so many friends and colleagues to bring back these plays. Ladies and Gentlemen. I present, the Electric Vicuña Irregulars! Fine and sturdy, talented and keen folk they are! I can’t wait to see which show they will come up with first!

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