Year Zero

It is impossibly exciting for me.  A fan of pulp science fiction all my life, when I was in my early twenties I wrote a tribute- somewhat more a parody- of Buck Rogers. He was called Biff Straker. He was an honest, jock, who wasn’t all that smart. but he meant well. There was a lot to look in the mirror at the time. Biff had been catapulted through catastrophic ways into a future. The scientist, Doctor Thermopoli was a different gender. Commander Angela Degan- like Spock in Star Trek- was perhaps the only completely recognizable character that remained when I decided to pull a “Red Panda” and retcon my own work. Gone was the parody. I wanted to tell straight forward, exciting stories of space fantasy for the whole family. Something kids could enjoy, seniors could smile in remembrance, and people my age could thrill and think back to a time when science fiction was fun. Thus Year Zero was born.

It took ten years to totally germinate. In that time, I really revamped the Spaceways universe to such an extent that no one picking up Biff would find it recognizable anymore. I felt it was made the way Biff really was. He wasn’t happy being a parody of someone else. He needed to be his own man.

And now he is. Year Zero is Biff’s launch into the Spaceways. By hell or high water (and both are on the table) it will be a rough ride. He’s still a little slower witted than some of his contemporaries but he’s no dummy, and he’s always willing to change to make the Solar System a better place.

So tonight launches his first year. YEAR ZERO. Expect a new episode every other week until the end of the season, fifteen episodes later.

Next year we continue with Year One in September. Like Biff. I’m now in it for the long ride, and what a ride it’ll be. Strap yourselves in and AIM FOR THE STARS!

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