The Midnight Avenger Strikes Again!

I have a secret to tell. It’s not a very well kept secret if you’ve listened to the Sonic Society, but it’s a secret from the wider world nevertheless- I love pulp.

I’m a fan of the simplistic good guy/bad guy, high adventure, low depth characters of the age of the pulp magazines. Some of the work that was considered pulp back in the day has made the transition to modern fast-paced fantasy like Robert E. Howard‘s Conan the Barbarian (which seems like Shakespeare in its literary prowess when held up with some contemporary hits) and Dashiell Hammett‘s detective novels like The Thin Man and The Glass Key, or Erle Stanley Gardner’s  Perry Mason series and the list goes on and on.
Great stories and great writers often got their start in the poor print paper of dime novels and thrilling anthology series.
So, it was no contest when Jerry Robbins from Colonial Radio asked me if I were interested in writing the adaptation of Agent 13’s The Serpentine Assassin by Flint Dille and David Marconi.

It’s been a wild ride and all of it fun doing this adaptation.. with the exception of being knocked out for nearly a month in illness. But, I’m back in fighting fashion, like the Midnight Avenger. Ready to thrill with the action!

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