So Tulpa hit the airwaves on Halloween Night WKNO 91.1’s “NPR for the mid-South” along with a large group of other stellar audio drama shows that were produced by the endlessly talented actors at Chatterbox Audiodirected and produced by artist’s gift to radio drama- Bob Arnold.

I’ve always loved Chatterbox’s productions; love that they do such high quality; and love that they do it all live, with live sound effects and music. They operate like a Little Theatre on the web, and I wish I had the energy to produce the same quality as they do live (Most of my work, is all in the studio). So, when I had the chance to rip off a script based upon an idea I heard first on the Mysterious Universe Podcastit was a joy to hear that the script was one of the winners in Chatterbox’s horror script contest.

Bob has been very gracious in thoughtful in directing the script. If you want to hear Tulpa you can download it from EVP. If you have the time to listen to the first half of the entire amazing Horror Broadcast from Halloween night, go listen to this week’s Sonic Society. The conclusion will be podcast on the Society next week as well!

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