Fanboy Fun!

Barbra Dillon, managing editor of Fanboy Comics had a great in depth interview with me about my love of audio drama and the Sonic Society. Check it out! I had lots of opportunity to talk about the tenth season of the podcast and all the great things that are being done in Radio Drama today.

Writing audio drama has a particular interest for me I think for three reasons:

1. The Community. I’ve never been in a more supportive writing community than the audio drama group. Certainly there are those who come across as arrogant and know-it-alls, and those who say that their work is the best out there, and those who have sort of fallen into writing audio drama because they are personally going to “make popular the medium”. but when you X out all the drama that you can find in any community, those making audio drama love story. They love sharing story. And they love MAKING story.

2. Intimacy. I love the intimacy of audio. I still have memories of where I was when I first heard some specific shows. For example, the first time I heard “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” I was walking along the boardwalk of my old place in Bedford, and I felt the Nautilus truly close by. When I heard “The Shepherd”, a Fireside All (Alan Maitland) first person audio book style narrative read on Christmas Eve, I was almost lost in a white out snowstorm. Al’s voice kept me steady along the slow going to drive home. ┬áListening to horrors while walking the streets, or driving long distances and hearing Colonial Radio presents a kind of guided daydream that I wouldn’t change for the world.

3. The Multi-verse is my canvas. As a writer, I can take less time painting the picture and get right into the story. But the picture is painted with some dialogue and sound effects. My story can be about two people on a street, on the phone across provinces, or across universes (like “Distant Voice” from the Wavefront Shorts Anthology). I do not feel audio drama will ever truly get stale because there’s just too many options out there for writers. So pick up your pen, and have a go at it yourself!



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