Gilded Gate

It was 2008 and I was just finishing watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer under request of my girlfriend. I had grown to love Joss Whedon from his aborted Firefly series and had appreciated his script doctoring in a number of other works. But Buffy frustrated me. It was his first smash breakout success and still it stymied me. I didn’t like it much because I found Buffy was a show trying to figure out what it wanted to be. Was it a parody? Was it a serious commentary? Was it cheesy B-flick? Was it A-grade teenage drama? Was it horror? Was it fantasy?

Who would ever live in a town with a known Hellmouth? Why wouldn’t the government just shut the whole place down, or at least quarantine it? How could you even have decent real estate with that kind of risk? I may joke, but all these things bugged me. No one can deny that Joss and his team did a fantastic job with the characters and the dialogue, but the central conceit bothered me.

So I tasked myself to come up with something better. Well, maybe not better, but something I would have rather seen from the master writer. So, I created “Gate”. Originally a Sonic Society summer series, Gate was the first series I penned and the first time I felt the huge time crunch.

With the exception of the generous work of Bill Hollweg from Broken Sea Productions taking the editing of one show, I did all the production editing by myself as well, and it showed. The productions weren’t as good as I felt the series needed.

So I’ve never put Gate on the Electric Vicuña Production site, explaining I wanted to spend the time remastering them all to be better. Time being what it is, I never got to finishing the remastering.

Enter Michael L. Stokes. Michael, as you may or may not know, is the award winning audio producer who works on HG World and my recent Alone in the Night, Wavefront Episode. Michael contacted me asking if there was anything else we could collaborate. Sure enough, the first thing I wanted off my shoulders was Gate. While all the actors (but myself) are gone now from Gate, I would love to do at least a couple of novels with this story and the characters. There’s a lot to be said, and at the time Gate was my second more popular series- next to Firefly Old Wounds. Hope this one would make Joss proud too.

I don’t know when Gate- Remastered will hit the ground running. I just know now that it will. I’ll keep you posted!

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